Hey Jude

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To clarify, since some people (Kate) got a little upset about my posting that link on Facebook and the inherent douche-ness of “Hey Jude:” I wasn’t saying that it was the coolest thing ever, or that hey I wish I were them… I was just noting it. To be fair, I go between loving and hating the video event  vehemently. I mean, who doesn’t know the chorus to “Hey Jude?” What eighth grade boy can’t play it on the guitar? Who doesn’t wonder what Jude is up to these days? Who cares? But really, isn’t it a little magical that a bunch of angry delayed people stuck at Newark of all hells were game enough for a little singing? I think it is. I mean, I am so awfully mean when I am at the airport, even when I’m not delayed. I tweet bitterness. I hide from people I may know. I cut in line. I glare indiscriminately.

I was just saying.

More about my feelings on the Beatles to come, I’m sure. I mean, especially since I have decided that all future career advice will come from their lyrics, i.e. I plan to be a paperback writer, since I really do need that job.

As an utter sidenote, I just searched WordPress for “Hey Jude” and came upon a post from last spring stating that the first time said person had heard the song was when they saw Across the Universe. Honestly? Really? Fail. Utterly.



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