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Are people seriously concerned over whether to say “twenty-ten,” “two-thousand ten,” or “two-thousand and ten?” Is this happening?

So by the way, I have the next 27 days to find a job or else I have to leave New York behind. My parting action will be to take a sad picture of myself next to the poster that says “I can’t afford to ❤ New York" on my local mailbox. I will be the billionth person to do so, and I could not possibly care less. My life may or may not be a walking punch-line. People throw things.

While I have you here, I don't know why my retweets don't show up in the feed, but this is marvelous and I love it, so note it and thank you Slate Mag for the link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/cheering-up-an-airport It’s a video of masses of people singing the Hey Jude chorus at Newark. Things that are eerie… it came up in my feed while I was already listening to the song at my desk, applying feverishly for jobs.



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